My paintings are reflections of my experience of a visual world that often goes unnoticed.  I'm always looking for something surprising in the otherwise mundane; something transformative that comes out of the simple act of seeing.

     In each work I'm constantly striving to capture one essential, universal pebble of truth, and subsequently, an unexpected beauty.  Sometimes the silhouette of a tower against the sky or some unexpected flash of light in the landscape will create the moment of recognition that I want to express.  The genesis for all of my paintings comes from the basic desire to share these little epiphanies.

     I often incorporate industrial or other prominent architectural forms in a specific natural setting in order to create a sub-text of aesthetic, social and ecological considerations.  This dichotomy between the man-made and the natural is a recurring theme. 

    Formally, my frequent use of a panoramic format expands the visual field and presents different complexities of composition, and the low horizon line places emphasis on the totality of a given location. 

    I also work periodically in very small format on gessoed wood or masonite to create a greater level of intimacy between the viewer and the painting.  In the case of this format, the "objectness" of the painting simply becomes another aspect in the continuing dialogue between the modern and the traditional.

Gary Godbee